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Accent Touch Light Grey Juju Hat Decor
Accent Touch Light Grey Juju Hat Decor

Light Grey Juju Hat

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This artful Juju Hat, the Tyn Hat was handcrafted in Cameroon. For centuries, Bamiléké tribes have been making those hats that symbolize prosperity and freedom. Once, Juju Hats were worn by medicine men and royalties during tribal ceremonies. Nowadays, their customs are less restricted during Bamiléké traditional rituals and their beauty has reached homes beyond Cameroon’s borders. Those headdresses are very impressive hung on walls. Juju hats are made from natural or dyed feathers and woven raffia. Artisans take 2 to 3 days to complete one hat.


Maintenance: Juju Hats need some love too. To maintain a beautiful Juju a little maintenance is necessary. Spray the feathers every 3 to 4 months with an anti-moth to prevent from any damages caused by insects. To remove the dust on the Juju, use a hair blow dryer on low temperature. Keep blow dryer at least 12 inches (or 30 cm) away from the feathers. If needed rearrange the feathers with your fingers.

  • Approx. Overall Dimensions:
    • Small: 19"-20" Dia
    • Medium: 26" - 27" Dia
    • Large: 29"-31" Dia

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