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Palm Beach Style

Palm Beach Style

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Palm Beach style is the expression of elegance and romance everywhere evident in this paradise and epitomized in the lives and work of architect John Volk and artist-preservationist Jane Volk. Together they conjured up much of the magic that now makes the place. The book explores this unique chemistry and the dazzling homes that are the result.

John Volk was one of the “big five” architects of Palm Beach. It was here, during his sixty years of practice, that he was commissioned to design over 2,000 projects, among them the Royal Poinciana Plaza as well as additions and renovations to the Everglades Club. This book is about the Volks, and the part they played in conjuring the spell with which Palm Beach continues to enchant.

Palm Beach, among other things, is its architecture. Red tile roofs and cast stone columns hint of the Mediterranean. Evidence of inspirations from Spain and Morocco abound. After the economic collapse of 1929, the classical architectural orders began to appear on columns and porticos. The Bermuda style and Modernism made an appearance later. Yet there is no one style exclusively associated Volk; here he perfected many styles and his architectural legacy can be found on almost every street.

While this book honors John Volk’s architecture and his enormous impact, it also celebrates Jane Volk’s contribution to Palm Beach and her devotion to protecting the town and its historic character.

  • 176 pages
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  • Full-color photographs
  • Hardcover

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